​​What are Master Gardeners?


Master Gardeners are volunteer educators who have been trained by

Land Grant Agriculture Universities to assist with providing 
information about home gardening. Mississippi State University Extension Service is the branch of MSU that offers the Master Gardener program in the state and is responsible for training and coordinating Master Gardeners. Master Gardeners receive 40 hours
 of instruction in the basics of home gardening. Topics of study include soil, botany, entomology, plant pathology, pest control and plant propagation. 

Specific gardening “crops” studied are turf grasses, fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals such as flowers, shrubs, and ground cover plants.


In exchange for 40-plus hours of educational training, individuals are required to return 40 hours of volunteer service within 1 year of their training.

After the first year, volunteers are required to return 20 hours of volunteer service and attend 12 hours of educational training to remain certified as Master Gardeners.  Currently there are 56 Master Gardeners in Warren County. 

Warren County Master Gardeners
Vicksburg, Mississippi

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