Warren County Master Gardeners

Things To Do This Month

Southern Springs

   Surely there is no part of the world in which gardens are not beautiful in spring. Travelers in other seasons are told, ”You should see our gardens in spring.” To which they reply, “But we cannot leave our own then.”    February in Warren County is a month of promise and of disappointment: of the promise of flowers to come; and, of the disappointment of buds brought to their ruin by a few mild days. But the opening of the first buds and the resurrection of plants that looked to be dead fill the gardener with enthusiasm that is as perennial as the season.

​         ​​Vicksburg, Mississippi

Garden as though you will live forever.

-William Kent

Angel Whirligig

​Joelyn James, MG

Camellia Tea Plant with blooms

Joelyn James, MG

                                   Tip of the Month

Those clear plastic food containers you get from supermarket delicatessens and bakeries make ideal seedling trays and miniature greenhouses. Just fill the container bottom with potting soil, sow your seeds, moisten the soil and close the lid to retain moisture. Check the moisture level periodically. Once seedlings sprout, open the lid. Transplant the seedlings when their first set of true leaves appear.

Things to Do This Month

Assorted Plants

Denise Duvic, MG

                                    To Do List   

^     Remove seed heads from crape myrtles to promote summer growth.

^     Prune shrubs to maintain natural growth pattern.  Wait until after blooming to prune spring flowering shrubs.

^     George Washington's Birthday is the traditional day to prune hybrid tea roses.

^     Add compost and organic matter to soil, and prepare rows for spring vegetable planting if soil is not too wet.

^     Plant trees, vines and bushes.

^     Spray trees and shrubs with dormant oil to control over wintering scale insects, delay spraying if a freeze is predicted within two or three days.

^     Check all gardening equipment to ensure that it is working properly.

^     Clean out birdhouses.