Tahiti Daffodill

Joelyn James, MG

            To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

                                   -Audrey Hepburn

This and That

                             Lawn Mowing Heights 

Bermuda-0.5” to 1.5 inches

Centipede 1.5” to 2 inches high

St. Augustine 2.5 to 3” high Zoysia 1” to 2” high

Four Steps to a Healthy Lawn 

Dethatch your grass and rake out the excess thatch.

Feed your lawn with the appropriate fertilizer for your grass type at the suggested times.

  Every few years, aerate your lawn in fall and spring when grass is actively growing, but not stressed by the hot sun. 

Kill the weeds. Small patches may be dug out,but others will require specialized weed killer.Check the labels and apply as the label suggests.

March Mondays Vegetable and Flower Arrangement

Virginia Whittington, MG

Warren County Master Gardeners

March Mondays Flower Arrangement

Virginia Whittington, MG

​         ​​Vicksburg, Mississippi

                             Fire Ants

   Control of fire ants can begin now. The best method is a two step approach of broadcasting a fresh bait pesticide over the entire lawn. After a week or two spot treat those mounds which appear and are a threat to you, your family, or your pets. Use the neighborhood approach to fire ant control. Get your neighbors to coordinate a day of broadcasting bait and then follow with the spot treat regime. It will make your neighborhood a safer place to live.