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Container Plant Ideas

To keep plants cooler, put the darker pots into lighter-colored ones as the season heats up.  

If you are working on your container pots, place them at table height rather than stooping and bending to work with them.  If you have large pots, use Styrofoam peanuts or rinsed out crushed soft drink cans as fillers to make them lighter and easy to handle. Because container plants dry out easily, remember to water them on a regular basis.

                       ​    ​                Mulches

So much fuss has been made over the benefits of mulch,  it is not surprising that some people over mulch. Signs that your trees or shrubs suffer from over-mulching include abnormally small leaves, yellow or blanched foliage, dieback of branches, dying grass outside the mulch around the plant, and basal cankers on the trunk where it touches the mulch.

Don’t apply fresh wood mulch over mulch that’s already there. Allow the existing layer to decompose first.  Apply wood mulch, a maximum of 2 inches at a time. 

The final settled mulch of pine straw should be 2-3 inches, which takes about 5 inches of loose, shook out pine straw.   Don’t pile mulch against the trunks of trees and shrubs. Never allow your mulch to touch your house foundation.

Lace Cap Hydrangea

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