Warren County Master Gardeners

                           Fruit or Vegetable?

   Fruits, according to botanists, are fleshy, edible seed-bearing structures of plants. 
  In 1893, however, the United States Supreme Court ruled in a tomato taxation case that such plant parts served as part of dinner rather than dessert would be henceforth be classified as fruits. Thus the following fruits legally became vegetables:

Sweet pepper



Trailing Snapdragon

Janis Keostler, MG

Carol Duncan, MG

Roses have begun blooming in profusion, along with early blossoms of the southern magnolia and red trumpet honeysuckle. Other perennials in bloom include hollyhock, aster, larkspur, digitalis, evening primrose, iris, gerbera daisy and scabiosa. Herbs can be planted in raised beds or along the edge of garden rows. Basils, dill, coriander, summer savory, parsley and borage are grown as annuals. Perennial thyme, rosemary, oregano, mints, sage, tarragon and sorrel should have their own permanent beds. Herbs need full sun and well-drained soils. Beans, peas, okra, melons and other summer vegetables can be planted. Insects and diseases are becoming problems. Be sure you have identified the trouble before you choose a chemical treatment. ​

This and That

                                 Gardening vs. Exercise

    You may be surprised by the vigorous workout you can get right in your backyard. Compared with other exercise activities, gardening ranks right up there. Here is a comparison of calories burned per hour for a 150-pound person while doing garden activities and other more traditional exercise activities.

Gardening Activities

Mowing (not riding mower)_____404
Trimming hedges___________316

Exercise Activities

Swimming______________360 Dancing________________300

Bowling________________164 ​

​         ​​Vicksburg, Mississippi